Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Swim Team

All 3 girls were on swim team this season and loved it. They have all become excellent, confident swimmers!!! Alex and Sam enjoyed swimming, but couldn't wait until they got there trophy's at the end of the year. It is amazing what they will do for a trophy. While the girls were swimming, Michael just wondered around and was babysat by many members of the swim team. It's a good thing there are so many eyes watching out for this busy boy.

Michael getting into trouble at the awards ceremony. Of course Chris isn't too far behind with the camera.

While we sit in the heat, we eat!!!! Michael quite enjoyed his sausage until the girls decided they wanted a bite, then it quickly ended up on the ground as he threw a nice tantrum. Even boys do it. I thought it was only girls, but he has proved me wrong.
Morgan and Sam at Meet of Champs. They all did fantastic this year.
Morgan, Sam and Alex with their coaches Matt and Jessi.
Alex and Sam showing off their great trophy's. Sam also got one of the few sportsmanship awards which we find very ironic. She is the one in our house who is obsessed with games and HATES to lose.!!!!! I don't think I can add enough exclamation marks after that one. Boy did she surprise us on this one and boy does she have the coaches fooled!!! What can we say, we are a very competitive family.

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