Sunday, March 29, 2009

Alex strikes again

Alex decided that Michael needed a friend to sleep with. She is such a great helper. I am sure Michael enjoyed having a buddy to take a nap with .

I don't know of any other dog that gets tormented more than poor Katy. She is soooo loved by Alex and gets more attention than she would like. Alex found some sunglasses and decided that they would be perfect for Katy. I guess Katy thought so too because she didn't move at all, even after the glasses were on her she just sat there. She probably knows by now to just go with the flow with Alex and that she is probably much safer just sitting there than being chased. As far as the stickers, I was feeding Michael and turned around and Katy had been held captive and was nicely decorated by Alex. I just laughed, what else can you do when you have an Alex.

Michael was having a great nap on the chair in the living room. I guess being the 4th child, with 3 older sisters, it takes a lot to wake him up. Alex was trying her hardest to wake him by yelling "wake up Michael" right in his ear, but Michael did not flinch. What a great kid. We are so lucky to have such a patient child that is the best sleeper and can sleep through anything, even Alex.
This is Alex with her mischievous smile after she realized that he is not waking up and that she better stop before someone gets sent to their room.

Morgan's new additions

Last year Morgan got a letter home from school saying that she needed her eyes check so we did and she definitely needed glasses. She had them for a whole 2 weeks and lost them while 4-wheeling. After hours of searching we realized it was a lost cause. I thought we would just wait until insurance kicked in again, but she really needed them for school. We finally got them again, so she can see now!!! She looks so cute and they have outlasted the last pair. Hopefully we can go at least another year before we have to get a new pair.

We were getting a cantaloupe ready to eat the other day and Morgan saw the seeds and thought she could grow something with them. I didn't' think much of it until a few days later she brought the camera in with this photo and was very proud of herself. I didn't even realize that she actually planted them with great expectations of them growing. What faith children have. She has been faithfully watering it, along with Alex. Now if we can only get Alex to leave it alone and not drown it with water and love, it might actually survive. That is rare for a plant at our house.

"I want it DEAD"

I don't know why Chris wanted a boy so bad, because his girls are sure not "girly girls". I don't know too many girls, let alone boys, that love to play with bugs as much as his girls. They all love June Bugs and would love to save them all. I couldn't get them in the house the other night and went outside to find this. You couldn't get me to hold them, but the girls love them. Alex particularly likes, or should I say 'use to like' them. We were on our way to church one Saturday a few months ago for a primary activity and Alex had found a june bug from the previous night on the front patio and wanted to take it to the church with us. I tried to get her to keep it at the house, but she insisted it come with us or it will die. I refused to argue with her at this moment because she is soooo stubborn and I have learned to pick my battles with her. I was waiting to figure out what to do so I told her that she could bring the bug in the car, but it does NOT come into church with her. She agreed and got nicely into the car, bug and all. A few miles later, she started screaming that the bug was cutting her and that she was bleeding. (in reality the bug started to move and poke her and whether it was spitting or pooping, what ever you want to call the brown stuff on her hands). I asked her if she wanted me to roll the window down so that she could let her bug go and she agreed. She then THREW her bug out the window as she was yelling "I WANT IT DEAD". I got a great laugh because the whole reason the bug made it into the car was because it was sure to die if it stayed home so she must bring it with her to save it. So much for that.

Michael's First Haircut

Michael finally got his first hair cut when he was 3 months old. That is about 1 month later than the girls got their first haircut. He was getting a great bush on top of his head, so I couldn't wait to cut it. It only took 3 of us. Chris took the photos while I held him in my lap and Maria Torbit helped hold him and tried to feed him to keep him happy and keep him from falling off the couch.

Here is his before photo with his nice head of hair.
This was quite the sight to see, but is was worth it.
What an adorable little boy. Alex can't keep away from him. She has to be in every photo. I do think he looks quite handsome with his new hair cut. It was fun to finally cut a boys hair, and be able to keep it short. A little different than the girls.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

one word: ALEX

I was telling Chris that it is a good thing that Alex is so dang cute, because she is soooo crazy. Saturday night after baths, Chris was combing her hair and she fell asleep. This is one of the only nights she actually went right to bed and didn't come down stairs a hundred times for something.
Poor Michael. Alex decided that her baby needed to be by Michael. Sitting by him would not satisfy Alex, her baby had to be on top of Michael. It is a good thing he is such a sport and puts up with her. She better be careful because one day it is all going to turn on her when Michael gets old enough.
It was very quiet in the house on Thursday so I went in the back yard to see where she was. She has talked Maria and Katy to come in the play house with her. Maria was holding Katy while Alex was putting lip gloss on Katy's nose. Katy was sooo patient with her and let her do it. Katy would just lick it off and Alex would quickly put more on. She then gave her a HUGE kiss. Lucky Katy.

How boring our life would be without Alex. We love watching her chaos and try to have patients with her sweet personality.

Our week in the Boyer Family

Here is Samantha loving Michael. She is starting to do that crazy smile when ever a camera appears. I told her to just relax and say something stupid, in which she does, all with her teeth clenched tightly together so that she still has that same great smile. I forget how long it takes them to naturally smile again. Michael was just hanging out with Sam. He is going to catch up to her before long, she better enjoy him while he is still little.
What a cute little boy. I would be rich if I got money every time I just say to myself or Chris how dang cute Michael is and how much I love him and having a little boy. I didn't think I would love it this much. He is great.
When I came home from work last Monday, Chris was unpacking a box with his new toy, a PlayStation 3 and guitar hero. He just had to have a blue ray player, and bonus for him it was on sale and included guitar hero. I just smiled and thought great, another system. I would have to admit that the girls love it. I never thought that they would get into it, but they love playing with their dad. Now they just need to come out with a cute pink guitar, some cute kid songs and a modest innocent guitar player on the game. Who ever does that would be the hero of several mothers of small children who love guitar hero.
Last Monday, same day of Chris's purchase, Morgan was running on the playground and somehow ran right into a pole. She has a nice shiner. This was just the beginning. I really didn't think it would get much worse, but boy was I wrong. She was a great sport and would tell people she ran into a pole and put up with their great comments. She liked that fact that it kind of looked like she had make-up on. She can't wait to wear real make-up. Maybe this was part my fault due to me slacking and not getting her glasses again since she lost them a year ago. After this, I felt really bad and actually made her an appointment to get new glasses. I was amazed to see how much worse her eyes got in one year. Like mother like daughter. She can't wait to get her new glasses so that she can see what's in front of her, including poles. We'll have to post photos of her new glasses which she should be getting this week. She is thrilled to be able to see normal again.