Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New Addiction: Digital Scrapbooking

During general conference I was playing around on the computer with a few things I had seen and had discovered something that I think I am going to love....Digital Scrapbooking. I have dabbled in it a little, but didn't have time to do much, but then I discover this way. I already love photoshop, and this is just one more thing to use it for. It was so nice to be able to do a page and when the kids came around, all I had to do was just shut my computer, and not clean up a bunch of paper, ribbon etc. So much easier and cheaper!! I would love any tips for all you pros out there.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I love my kids!!!

One of the things I love about living in Texas is the wildflowers. It makes me smile as I am driving down the freeway or feeder roads and see such beautiful wild flowers. For the last few years we have started taking family photos in the beautiful state flower, the Blue Bonnets. (Sam informed me of this along with the state bird: the mocking bird, the state 'pet': the armadillo and the state tree: the pecan tree. Wow she is learning so much in pre-school!). We always go with the Torbits so that we can take each other's photos and enjoy the great company. We found a wonderful place this year in Bellville to take some great photos. They have never really turned out very good due to such small kids who do not want their photos taken, but this years are worth printing. I love them. We found a little park a few years ago with a merry-go-round, slides, teeter-totters etc and a nice rock wall/bench perfect for photos. I took advantage of the kids already being dressed for pictures and snapped a few extra at the park. I finally got the pictures that I have been wanting for years. Thanks kids, and Chris, for being so patient with me. I was joking with Chris and Maria that the girls are never going to wear another white dress after they leave this house (other than their wedding dress). I LOVE simple white dresses for photos and probably over do it a little, as most of the photos I have of them are in white dresses. You need a white dress, any size, I am sure I have a few. Enjoy the photos.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Take 3 and 4

I spoke too soon. Last week I posted that Morgan had her glasses now for 3 weeks, which is a week longer than the 1st pair. That only lasted until Tuesday afternoon. I got a call from her teacher saying that Morgan broke her glasses and was shedding a few tears. Morgan then explained that her friend picked them up off the ground and they were bent and she tried to fix them and that's when they broke. Who knows how they got on the ground, but too late to worry about that. How far do you go to teach them responsibility, have them feel guilty, but not totally crushed and like they are just a disappointment to you? I couldn't make her wait a few more months because now I've realized just how bad she really does need her glasses, so we headed back to get another pair. Thank goodness for Eye Masters. 2 pair of kid's glasses (frames and lenses) for $99.00!!!!! I was nice and let her pick out cuter frames which were a little more, but she is the one wearing them. She picked something totally different than she got last month and they are darling on her (that isn't hard). So now let's see how long 2 pairs get us. At this rate I have until July until my insurance kicks in again and will pay for a new pair!!