Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Swimming, Fish and Dancing

Every morning at 7:30 we have the opportunity to feed the fish in one of the Lagoons. The girls love to see the fish and get close to them. This year we were able to see a few turtles and several crabs which the girls loved. Sam has her fish card to help find out what kind of fish we are seeing.
Morgan, Sam and Alex feeding the fish and getting closer to the turtles. (We are going snorkeling tomorrow and have an underwater camera so hopefully we can get some great photos of the turtles!!!)

Michael didn't know what to think about the sand. He did okay for a while, and then was ready to take a nap. The 5 hour time difference is not to nice with his sleeping schedule. I am not looking forward to getting him home and seeing what his sleeping will be like then.

Our little chipmunk storing up for the day with her chocolate muffin for breakfast. She can't hide anything as it all shows up on her face.
While we were swimming there was another family with 2 great girls from Cypress TX. What a small world. In the photo from left to right are Kate (9 1/2, 5 months younger than Morgan but a good foot taller) Sam, Morgan, Allie, (6 months older than Morgan) and Alex. Kate really adored Sam and Alex and became their best friends. Almost like a built in babysitter. It was so nice having someone to play with the girls and not have to worry about them. Kate is very tall and could carry the girls around the pool which they loved. They ended up coming with us to the preview/welcome meeting tonight. We look forward to spending more time with them this week.
The torch lighting ceremony with a story of fire and Hawaii. The girls were up front and center watching and enjoying every minute.

The chief who is a great entertainer climbing the coconut tree. Once he got to the top all the kids below started chanting "Jump, Jump, Jump" They really enjoyed the entertainment and are looking forward to the luau tomorrow night with the Chief.
The beautiful sunset from our window right before dinner. We could get use to a view like this.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Family Vacation in Hawaii!!!

v Last year we were suppose to go to Hawaii with all of Chris's family and 2 weeks before we were scheduled to go, the airlines went bankrupt so we didn't get to go and we were all so disappointed. We were very excited to be able to go this year. The girls couldn't wait and have been so anxious to get here and spend time in the pools and on the beach. In preparation we all got our nails done. (It works great as a bribe). They love to get their nails done and find it a great treat. On Friday I was on a quest to get the girls some new flip flops (as Alex never has shoes, nor does not care to wear them. She takes them places and then frequently looses 1 of the pair so she needed some new shoes). After searching, I finally found some cute, simple flip flops at Old Navy. We got the girls up way early (4:30 a.m.) so that we could get to the airport early. They all got dressed (actually they slept in their dresses to make it easier) and got their shoes on. I had them all ready at the front door so there wouldn't be any mistakes, or so I thought. We get to the park n' fly to drop off the car and as we are waiting for the shuttle, I look down and find that Alex had 1 new pink flip flop and 1 old Dora flip flop on. So much for the great new shoes. Luckily we found another Dora flip flop in the car that she could wear(not the other matching pair, but at least it was Dora). Who knows why we try so hard sometimes.

We were looking forward to spending time in Hawaii with Chris's mom and dad, but unfortunately Margo (Chris's mom) spent Friday night in the ER with difficulty in breathing. She is feeling better, but was not able to come and we are missing her greatly. Ron was able to come and the girls are enjoying seeing their grandpa and love playing with him in the pool and on the beach.
The Beautiful sunset tonight (Sunday night). We went to the swap meet today to get souvenirs for the girls etc. and had to have the traditional shaved ice. I didn't get a picture of that, but am sure to get some later. Can't miss out on photos of shaved ice in Hawaii. One of our favorites.

Chris and Michael (this was Michael's fist plane ride and it wasn't the best. Long flight, tired baby, no need to say anything else). This is Micheal's first time in the pool and he seemed to enjoy it. He is going to be a water baby after the week is over. He was just chilling with dad watching the girls play in the pool. What a great background!!!

Morgan playing Uno with grandpa in the hot tub. He got this great game of water Uno. The girls are looking forward to playing many games with grandpa (Grandpa and Sam both love games, maybe that is where she got her game obsession from)

Sam and Alex swimming in their new bathing suits from Grandma and Grandpa Boyer (Thanks so much, they love them). The resort got a great new pool and the girls absolutely loved it. It had several areas were Sam could touch and she thought she was something else. Alex actually had to be nice to Sam so that Sam would carry her around and help her swim. It was great to watch them get along and enjoy each others company. I'm sure it will not last long. I can't count how many times people have asked us if they are twins in the last 2 days. What cute girls, but definitely not twins.