Monday, May 25, 2009

Toothless Sam

My dear Sam had a run in with Alex today. They were at a friend's house and the next thing I know they were coming out of the house and Sam had a tissue to her mouth and Alex was holding her head. Alex got the better deal, her head was just slightly red. Sam on the other hand had knocked her 2 front teeth loose, almost out. Being the hygienist mom, I knew right away that we were going to lose them. She couldn't close her mouth or talk due to the 2 front teeth. Thank goodness she has a great Dentist (Dr Griffith on Fry and Westhiemer Parkway, strongly recommend to all) who met us up at the office to take a look at her. Even for being a Sunday afternoon, they were there within 45 minutes of me calling them, very impressed. They worked their magic tricks on Sam and she enjoyed her trip to the dentist, even if it meant getting the front 2 teeth pulled. Sorry for the up close pictures, but that is kind of what I like!! It's a good thing that she is a little ahead of schedule when it comes to teeth. Maybe she will have her 2 front teeth for Christmas!!!
Sam after the dentist. All smiles and feeling much better. I offered her $5.00 for her teeth compared to the $2.00 that the tooth fairy would leave for her, but she opted for the tooth fairy. Her first lost tooth, she was pretty excited. 2 for the price of 1. Unfortunately the tooth fairy couldn't find her teeth that she said she put under her pillow, but still left money. I have a feeling that in the morning, she is going to hit me up for the other $5.00 to buy her teeth from her. I guess she deserves it plus more for being such a brave girl. I don't know many kids who enjoy going to the dentist for cleanings, let alone extractions! She now has a real reason to eat ice cream for breakfast. She better enjoy it now, because it will not last long.

Dinner with Chris's New Diet

Chris had to start an Iodine Free diet for the next 2 weeks for his testing with MD Anderson. Try cooking/eating anything without salt. That means no canned anything, no store bought bread, no frozen meals etc. This is actually making me think about cooking and menus. It Sucks!! He can have veggies/fruits and other things that take much preparation. So for dinner we had hamburgers (without the bun, his favorite seasoning and no KETCHUP). They actually turned out great with a lot of onion,garlic and iodine free salt!! One of Chris and Morgan's favorites is artichokes. Lucky for them, artichokes were on sale this week. They were the hugest ones I've ever seen. Sam and Alex decided that they would try them and realized they really liked them too. It helps having butter to dip them in. Morgan was teaching Sam how to eat them, what a great big sister. Alex decided to share with me. They all really enjoyed their artichokes and were wanting more. Maybe we will have to go back and get more for tomorrow. It does keep them quite busy and quiet at the dinner table.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Morgans choir concert

It was so much easier when only 1 kid was involved in things. That way we could make sure we attended everything with the whole family. I now have a slight view as the chaos and struggle several of you deal with when kids are in all directions and you wish you had several of you to go around. Sam had her pre-school graduation the same time as Morgan's final choir concert. Who do you choose? Lucky for us, we had already seen one before and they were going to do a performance for the school during the day!!! That means that we can catch both kid's activities. We were able to go to the earlier performance and watch Morgan sing and then attend Sam's program later (without Morgan. she insisted on attending her choir concert due to a song about friendship and that would mean her partner would be alone. What a great friend. We did miss her at Sam's program). Here is a little clip of one of the songs. They did a great job with all their songs. She has really enjoyed choir, except for the early morning choir practice. Thank goodness they didn't kick them out after their 3rd tardy, or she wouldn't have made it past the 2nd week. (like mother like daughter). We are very proud of her and her ability to learn new things and enjoy life.

Sam Pre-School Graduation

Sam was so excited for her graduation from Pre-School. She has come so far and has thoroughly enjoyed learning. I had Chris run to the store to get her some flowers (Yes, he can walk without crutches now. I might have a little more patience for him now that he can help a little. I was getting very short on patience and very frustrated without his help, I am sure there are several out there who understand). Anyways, Sam LOVED her flowers. It amazed Chris that such a little thing went so far with her. I guess she is like the rest of us girls, something so small goes a long way. She still comments on how much she loves her flowers and how they are so pretty. What a great, innocent kid.
Sam and Miss Tina, Sam's teacher. We have loved Miss Tina and she has taught Sam so much. We are hoping that Alex gets her next year too (knowing Alex, Miss Tina might request that she is in the other class!)
Here are all the graduates from both pre-k classes. What a great bunch.
Sam was so proud to go up and get her 'diploma' from Miss Tina. They had asked all the kids previously what they wanted to be when they grow up. Sam's answer was a teacher. She will make a great teacher one day.
Alex wanted to get a picture with her big sister and Sam kindly obliged. Alex really does adore her sisters. They wouldn't know as much as Alex torments them.

Sam was very excited to share with us her little song that she learned. She thought she was something wonderful in her cap and gown. The cutest graduate I've seen in a long time.

Catch up with Kids

These are the moments that are few and far between of Alex and Sam actually enjoying each other's company. They found these towels that Grandma Boyer sent and decided they would finally play with them. They really enjoyed being witches. They have a lot of practice at that with each other, just without the costumes....

My dad came down to do more of my "Honey Do list, or Daddy Do List" so that I can get this house on the market. The kids sure love Grandpa coming because he always brings great treats (his fantastic jerky) and will always share his Pepsi with them. They have learned to bring him their cup and wink and he will share with them. Who can say "no" to their cute faces. Grandpa and Michael enjoying each other. Dad didn't take too many breaks while down here, but when he did he was smothered with kids. Who knows if he would consider that a break?
What a great little smile. Talk about some chunky cheeks. He is almost 6 months old and time has flown by. He is growing up so fast.
I love this stage. He finally enjoys laying on the ground and has discovered his feet. Sorry for the upside down photos. If anyone knows how to rotate photos once in here, please let me know.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Chuck E Cheese

Since Chris's surgery Sam had been his little helper. As soon as he sits down, she brings his pillows and a drink and does anything he asks. It is a good thing she helps him, or he just might starve if he had to count on me. Since Sam has been so much help, he told her he would take her to Chuck E Cheese. We asked her if she wanted to go with just him, but she really wanted her sisters to come with her. What a great sister she is and soooo sweet. Morgan had some friends sleep over and then they decided to go swimming. We needed something to distract Sam and Alex so we decided now was the time to go to Chuck E Cheese. They had a great time. Michael even had fun watching and going on his first rides!! He is growing so fast. We look at him and wonder where this little blond boy came from. So much for being a little Chris look-a-like. Michael had so much fun that he was exhausted and fell a sleep despite all the noise.
Alex's favorite ride, the carousel.
Michael with Bob the Builder. I have a feeling we might be getting to know this character a little more in a few years.

Sam and Alex. You better remember this picture. They are actually sitting together and enjoying it. This does not happen very often.

What a chunk. He is getting so big. Love those great cheeks.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

We had great intentions for Mother's day. We actually made cards a week before and each girl signed them (even Alex). Well, they are still sitting in the kitchen waiting to be mailed out. Maybe one day I will actually get things done on time. We wanted to wish everyone a great Mother' s day. We took pictures of our cards so you can see what will be coming your way soon. Maybe we will just combine Father's day too; that one might just make it on time. Here are pictures of our cards (each flower is made with the girl's finger prints and Michael's finger or toe print, whichever one was more accessible at the moment. He had a nice blue toe for awhile).