Monday, November 30, 2009


I'm sitting in my almost empty house and thinking of all the great memories we had here. Tomorrow night I will be in a new house which we are excited about, but a little bitter sweet. I love my house, the location (walking distance to the school), incredible neighbors with great kids, the playhouse and everything about it. Oh how it was perfect when we moved in 10 1/2 years ago. I was 7 months pregnant with Morgan and we thought we had a ton of room in our huge house. Oh how much time and 4 kids later changes things. All the memories from bringing all 4 babies home to this house, firsts of many things, holidays, home improvement jobs and much more. I'm not one for change, (hence not moving out of the ward or school!!) and changing my safety zone isn't easy. I just have to keep reminding myself about the great new changes, all the room we will have (I can't imagine growing out of this new house!), the great backyard and I know we will have some great new neighbors. The kids are excited about having their own rooms (now we will wait and see if they will actually sleep in them, or sleep together?). Chris and I area also excited to have more room and a place for all to enjoy.
A HUGE thanks to all that helped come help us pack the truck and help with the move. I told Chris that the hardest thing about this move was feeling helpless (especially with him being down with a broken ankle and no family around to help). I knew I couldn't do it alone, but I have a really hard time accepting help. I am a "do it myself" person, but this one I just couldn't do it all by myself. I had to be humbled and accept help. I greatly appreciate the ward 'family' and all you have helped with this past few weeks. Thanks so all who helped during Chris's ankle issue. It's amazing having family away from family. The Gospel and the Church (especially our ward) is incredible. How we love you all.

I know we will survive the next few weeks, it is just going to be a long road, but we will be making new memories.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween at the Boyers

Halloween has been a little different this year as we have no Halloween decorations up this year. (I guess that's what happens when you are trying to move and pack a house during the holidays. Let's just hope we can possibly get Christmas decorations up, at least a little). The kids couldn't wait for Trunk or Treat Saturday night at the church and to get all dressed up. I think we have gone through 5 costume ideas from star wars (Now that Chris has a Boy that can actually be "LUKE" he was looking forward to it), skeletons (thanks to grandma Boyer for the great PJ's), cavities (that's right, I was going to be the tooth fairy, Chris the Dr. and the kids all cavities!!!), several princess's, but none of that stuck. We ended up with:
Morgan as an Angel. Lexi Torbit her best friend was a Devil. What a cute couple.
Michael as the cutest Tigger ever!!!!! (he doesn't bounce, but is just as active)
Alex as Minnie Mouse (she begged to get her face painted, I thought she turned out great!), Morgan and Sam (She was going to be sleeping beauty, but she found a witch costume and a photo of a little girl with this painted face on Saturday morning and changed her mind. Thank goodness for a great dress up box)

"Oh Tootles!!!"
Chris was very proud of his great pumpkins. The kids couldn't wait to finally carve them. Michael even helped.
He decided to enjoy them in a different way. We really do feed our kids!!!

We hope you all had a great Halloween. We did!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Time flies when your having fun!!!

I love reading our friends and families blogs and catching up on the wonderful/fun/crazy things going on in there lives and finally realized that it has been a few months since we last posted. I hope we can catch up on a few things, so sit back and relax a little.

In August school started and our life got really crazy. I keep telling myself that I need to learn to say "NO", but I am still saying "Sure, I'll do that". So I said "Sure, I'll be PTA President". The girls love me being up at the school and being involved, but life is a little (or A LOT) crazy.

Sam started Kindergarten and is loving it. She has Mrs. Wilkins who is an incredible teacher. Sam is loving to learn about numbers, letters, words etc. She is learning her sight words great and enjoying school. She is definitely not my daughter when it comes to being on time. She absolutely HATES being late. It drives her absolutely crazy that Morgan gets up late and doesn't care much about being on time (Morgan is absolutely my child!!). Sam must take after her father in this case. Sorry no photo of her first day (they are on Chris's camera since I broke mine in Idaho and haven't gotten a new one, Sad day). Sam has been riding her bike with training wheels now for years and we finally decided to try it on 2 wheels. At first she said no, then I told her we could go to dinner at Texas Roadhouse if she tried and her answer quickly turned to Yes. So I took off her training wheels, she got on her bike and off she went. She hasn't stopped yet. We can't get her off it, any chance she gets she is either on her bike or her roller skates. (By the way.. I got out of dinner and made Chris take her to dinner of her choice, which was Taco Bell. She knows that is one of Chris's favorites and she loves to please her dad)

Morgan is in 5th grade and loving it. She is involved in Art club, Destination Imagination ( an after school club where they learn to work as a team, problem solving, using creative thinking etc and they have their first competition February 20th) She is very excited to also be working in the student run bookstore on Thursday afternoons. She came home and told me that Sam needs to bring money so she can come visit her. Morgan is doing great in school and loving her 5th grade class. She finally got to be with Lexi Torbit (her best friend). They are having a great time and have about 5 other girls that have grown up together in school all in the same class. What a fun last year in elementary they are having.

Alex started Pre-K at tiny treasures preschool (same school Sam went to last year). It is finally her turn to have friends and enjoy something outside the house other than church and big sister events. She wakes up every morning and asks if she is going to school today and gets ready with the big girls and is out the door almost earlier then them. We have seen such a different side of Alex with Michael. She absolutely adores him and wants to make him happy all day. She torments everyone around except him. She will dance, sing, jump up and down, make noises etc. what ever it takes to entertain him and make him smile or laugh. She is so proud of him and tells everyone about her baby brother. It's a good thing she is nice to him, because little does she realize that soon tables will be turned and he could easily take her down, but maybe he will adore her the same and be kind. She can only hope.

A few week ago at church the girls would not sit still, listen or anything. They wanted Michael's blankets to keep warm, all his snacks, you would have thought they were dehydrated by the amount of times they asked to go out for drinks etc..... So..... I told Chris that I was going to have them practice when we got home and he just laughed (now I am sounding like my mom). I told the kids on the way home that if they couldn't behave at church then they will need to practice. They didn't really think I was serious. Little did they realize. When we got home I put folding chairs in front of the TV and turned on the BYU channel (thank heavens for satellite) and made them sit for 30 minutes. Chris thought that was a little long, but I am stubborn and was going to prove a point. About 15 minutes into it, it was very quiet. I went into the living room and this is what I found.....
Morgan was actually listening to the talk and Sam and Alex were asleep. I had to laugh and just hoped I had proved my point. The next Sunday was great. On our way to church, all I had to do was remind them that if they didn't sit during church then we would have to practice 2x that week. They sat like almost perfect children. If they tried anything, all I would have to do was say "do you want to practice" and they quickly returned to almost perfect!!! We haven't had to practice again yet.

Now to our dear precious, adorable, wonderful, awesome, gorgeous, happy, son Michael (the list could go on and on). I would be rich if I had a dollar for how many times I said how 'stinkin cute' he is. We are loving this little boy. He is soooo busy, yet soooo content. He has the cutest smile ever and loves to show off his 8 teeth!!! With the help of Alex, he learned to climb to the top of the stairs within a matter of days. Fortunately for us it took him about 2 days to master coming down safely also. What a bright child!!! Grandma Boyer sent the kids these adorable Halloween PJ's with glow in the dark skeletons. Michael was the model this night. I do think he is cutest skeleton ever. (I might be a little prejudice, or a lot.)
Michael has discovered the dog door. He has only tried to go out once and got hi-centered, but has figured out how to make things disappear. He loves to sit by the back door with his box of toys and nicely place them through the dog door and poof!! they are gone. I have to do evening checks outside the door for missing items. Tonight Chris was looking everywhere for the DVD remote and couldn't find it anywhere. All of a sudden Sam says 'I know where it is' and went to the back door and sure enough, Michael was playing his magic tricks again.
Outside the door.
Michael assuming his position.

As far as Chris and I things are great. Chris finished his testing in July and they have decided to do more Radioactive Iodine treatment in July of next year to see if they can get rid of more cancer cells. The cancer is still showing up in blood work and rising a little, but they still can't find it anywhere on scans. It's hard to operate when you can't find what your trying to remove, so now it's a waiting game. It's not affecting anything and it's not serious, it's just "hanging out". As long as it stays that way we are great!! He just returned from Switzerland and enjoyed his visit (as much as you can while working). It was hard adjusting to the 7 hour time change, but kids help with that. It's hard to ignore them and just sleep. As far as me, I am loving my job. Dr. Frazar just purchased the laser that I have been drooling over for the past 7 years!!!!! I love being on the top with the technology. If you want to know more just ask. I love talking about it (just a warning, if you really don't want to hear a long explanation, then don't ask because I am just a little excited and will go on and on and on). School is good. We have an excellent board this year and they are all wonderful. I am very lucky to work with such great people on our PTA board. They make it a lot easier to survive and are all a joy to work with. I am learning to be organized and plan ahead (believe it!!!!). Maybe after this experience it will rub off on my life... the jury is still out on that one.

The biggest news yet... No we are not having another baby, but we are MOVING!!!!!. Not closer to home, just about a mile away (just across fry road). We are still in the same ward and elementary school (Chris was hoping to move out of the school. That way I wouldn't have to be PTA President anymore but no such luck). We have been thinking about it for years, but just didn't want to have to deal with showing the house (I don't think me or the kids would have survived months of keeping the house clean enough to show all the time, it was just not going to happen). With the rush in first time home buyers (thanks to the tax credit) we decided to bite the bullet and do it. Thank goodness we have been considering it for a few years now and have slowly been fixing the things around the house which made it easier to get ready to show. So we listed that house on Friday, October 16th. I had an all day craft day at church on the 17th so Chris had all the kids and was dealing with people looking at the house. He had to be out of the house from 10:30 - 5:00 and was an incredible dad. They went miniature golfing, to taco bell, to the fire station open house, to the movie and back to the church to help clean up after the craft day. (what a man!! That's why I love him so much). 3 people came to look at the house that day and....... We had a contract that night!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told Chris earlier that week that we were going to have a contract by Saturday and he just laughed. I was right!!!! This is one time he was willing to hear it again and again that I was Right!!!!! Heavenly Father knows me too well and blessed me in more ways than I can imagine. My sanity is saved for now (at least a few weeks until the move and unpacking begins). We are closing on our house on November 20th and have to be out of it on the 30th. That meant we had to find a house FAST. Our main house we had been looking at for 6 months didn't work out, but we found another great house just behind it which is right down the street from Torbits!!!! We couldn't ask for better neighbors. We had the inspection today and will hopefully close on that house on the 30th and be able to move in right away. We are very sad to be leaving our great house and neighbors, but look forward to having more space and an actual yard. We'll keep you posted on the move and new address.

I think this is about it for the last few months. I am impressed if you made it through this book. Hopefully I will be able to keep up more so that its not so long next time. I am planning on getting a new camera for me so that I will be able to post more photos next time.
Love lots to all and Have a great Halloween and Holiday Season!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

8month old+coke and ice cream at 8:00 p.m. ==

Happiest and cutest 8 month ever at 11:00 p.m. Why do we do things like this to ourselves? We just enjoy what we can get because he is growing way to fast.

Monday, July 27, 2009

On the Farm

The girls are having a great time at the farm. I miss the days and just being outside and having it so peaceful (despite the 6 kids running around). The kids are loving being outside and not having to worry about the cars, heat, humidity, ants etc. They are loving playing in grandmas new waterfall and stream, playing in the sand, stacking grandmas many rocks, riding the 4wheelers (grandpa built a little train to pull behind which comes in handy with so many little ones), riding the horses and just running and playing on real soft grass. What a treat to come visit and take a break from our everyday life.
Alex has these great yellow rain boots that she wears everywhere, yes, even to church. They have come in real handy here at the farm (especially in the horse shed to escape the horse and cow poop).

Alex without her boots waiting and watching Morgan ride the pony named Rufeo.
Grandma showing Morgan how to control Rufeo. Notice the gorgeous sunset. A little different than past sunsets, but still beautiful.
Michael on Rufeo for the first time. I'm sure he is going to love the farm, just like his sisters.
Morgan loving Rufeo. Just her size.
Michael riding in the little train that grandpa built to go behind the 4wheeler. You can tell he is having a great time.
We could only fit 3 in the seat. We keep asking grandpa to build more, maybe next trip. Even on the farm the girls look for any reason to get into bathing suits. They were playing on the slip and slide at Aunt Courtney's next door. What a difference the slip and slide is when you actually have a little hill to put in on verses our flat flat ground.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

4 hour layover and nothing to do

So it has been a month since our last post and much has happened. We are sitting in the Phoenix airport with just Michael who is finally content laying on the ground now that he is mobile. We have our computers and Internet, so we decided there was no better time than now to finally update the blog (we needed something to occupy the next 4 hours). As if Hawaii wasn't a great enough vacation for the summer, we decided to take a road trip to Idaho and Utah to see family (that is a 27 hour drive each way with 4 kids, can you say CRAZY!!). We left Thursday morning at 4:00 a.m. and arrived in Park City Utah Friday morning at 4:30 a.m. The kids did great, especially while sleeping!!! Thank heavens for DVD players in cars and Nintendo DS's. Chris's parents have a time share in Park City right on the mountain which was beautiful. The whole family (except Ben who was in Ecuador with his sister) was up for the wedding which was beautiful. The girls had a great time playing with all the cousins. Chris's cousin Sara married a great guy named Scott Kimball. What a beautiful wedding and couple. Ann did an incredible job and we were so happy we could attend. The girls loved looking at Sara. She looked just like a princess!!

While in Park City we were right by the Alpine slides which the girls loved. They wanted to go faster!! Morgan and Alex also wanted to go on the bungee cord/trampoline. Here are a few pictures of the girls (and Michael) with there cousins and playing around in Park City.

Here is Carter (Barbie and Ben's boy who is 2 months older than Michael) and Michael. We were amazed how much they look alike (especially when in the double stroller together). It will be great for Michael to have a Boy cousin his age to play with.

Stefan and Sam on the Alpine Slide

Morgan doing flips and enjoying jumping high!!!!

Alex having fun not being strapped down.

This morning (Sunday, July 19th) my dad met us at the airport and picked up the girls. They can't wait to get to grandma and grandpa's house to get away from there parents (that' us). they look forward to this time every year. They didn't even look back when we left. I tried to talk mom into taking Michael too, but no such luck. Maybe next year!! (hint hint). So Chris, I and Michael boarded the plane for home. Michael and I will fly back to Utah Friday, July 24th (just in time for the great Utah celebration that we miss out on if you don't live there. I am excited for the kids to experience pioneer day in Idaho). We will then spend some time in Idaho and at a family reunion in Utah at Fish Lake. I am excited to attend the 'Famous Preston Night Rodeo' for those of you that know what that is. I am looking forward to the rodeo, parade, carnival, family, food and friends. After this needed vacation time, we will head home in the car. Ya'll better pray for us that we return home all alive (that could be questionable after that long in the car with no great incentive at the end).
Stay tuned for more photos and updates of our family vacation.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Swimming, Fish and Dancing

Every morning at 7:30 we have the opportunity to feed the fish in one of the Lagoons. The girls love to see the fish and get close to them. This year we were able to see a few turtles and several crabs which the girls loved. Sam has her fish card to help find out what kind of fish we are seeing.
Morgan, Sam and Alex feeding the fish and getting closer to the turtles. (We are going snorkeling tomorrow and have an underwater camera so hopefully we can get some great photos of the turtles!!!)

Michael didn't know what to think about the sand. He did okay for a while, and then was ready to take a nap. The 5 hour time difference is not to nice with his sleeping schedule. I am not looking forward to getting him home and seeing what his sleeping will be like then.

Our little chipmunk storing up for the day with her chocolate muffin for breakfast. She can't hide anything as it all shows up on her face.
While we were swimming there was another family with 2 great girls from Cypress TX. What a small world. In the photo from left to right are Kate (9 1/2, 5 months younger than Morgan but a good foot taller) Sam, Morgan, Allie, (6 months older than Morgan) and Alex. Kate really adored Sam and Alex and became their best friends. Almost like a built in babysitter. It was so nice having someone to play with the girls and not have to worry about them. Kate is very tall and could carry the girls around the pool which they loved. They ended up coming with us to the preview/welcome meeting tonight. We look forward to spending more time with them this week.
The torch lighting ceremony with a story of fire and Hawaii. The girls were up front and center watching and enjoying every minute.

The chief who is a great entertainer climbing the coconut tree. Once he got to the top all the kids below started chanting "Jump, Jump, Jump" They really enjoyed the entertainment and are looking forward to the luau tomorrow night with the Chief.
The beautiful sunset from our window right before dinner. We could get use to a view like this.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Family Vacation in Hawaii!!!

v Last year we were suppose to go to Hawaii with all of Chris's family and 2 weeks before we were scheduled to go, the airlines went bankrupt so we didn't get to go and we were all so disappointed. We were very excited to be able to go this year. The girls couldn't wait and have been so anxious to get here and spend time in the pools and on the beach. In preparation we all got our nails done. (It works great as a bribe). They love to get their nails done and find it a great treat. On Friday I was on a quest to get the girls some new flip flops (as Alex never has shoes, nor does not care to wear them. She takes them places and then frequently looses 1 of the pair so she needed some new shoes). After searching, I finally found some cute, simple flip flops at Old Navy. We got the girls up way early (4:30 a.m.) so that we could get to the airport early. They all got dressed (actually they slept in their dresses to make it easier) and got their shoes on. I had them all ready at the front door so there wouldn't be any mistakes, or so I thought. We get to the park n' fly to drop off the car and as we are waiting for the shuttle, I look down and find that Alex had 1 new pink flip flop and 1 old Dora flip flop on. So much for the great new shoes. Luckily we found another Dora flip flop in the car that she could wear(not the other matching pair, but at least it was Dora). Who knows why we try so hard sometimes.

We were looking forward to spending time in Hawaii with Chris's mom and dad, but unfortunately Margo (Chris's mom) spent Friday night in the ER with difficulty in breathing. She is feeling better, but was not able to come and we are missing her greatly. Ron was able to come and the girls are enjoying seeing their grandpa and love playing with him in the pool and on the beach.
The Beautiful sunset tonight (Sunday night). We went to the swap meet today to get souvenirs for the girls etc. and had to have the traditional shaved ice. I didn't get a picture of that, but am sure to get some later. Can't miss out on photos of shaved ice in Hawaii. One of our favorites.

Chris and Michael (this was Michael's fist plane ride and it wasn't the best. Long flight, tired baby, no need to say anything else). This is Micheal's first time in the pool and he seemed to enjoy it. He is going to be a water baby after the week is over. He was just chilling with dad watching the girls play in the pool. What a great background!!!

Morgan playing Uno with grandpa in the hot tub. He got this great game of water Uno. The girls are looking forward to playing many games with grandpa (Grandpa and Sam both love games, maybe that is where she got her game obsession from)

Sam and Alex swimming in their new bathing suits from Grandma and Grandpa Boyer (Thanks so much, they love them). The resort got a great new pool and the girls absolutely loved it. It had several areas were Sam could touch and she thought she was something else. Alex actually had to be nice to Sam so that Sam would carry her around and help her swim. It was great to watch them get along and enjoy each others company. I'm sure it will not last long. I can't count how many times people have asked us if they are twins in the last 2 days. What cute girls, but definitely not twins.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Toothless Sam

My dear Sam had a run in with Alex today. They were at a friend's house and the next thing I know they were coming out of the house and Sam had a tissue to her mouth and Alex was holding her head. Alex got the better deal, her head was just slightly red. Sam on the other hand had knocked her 2 front teeth loose, almost out. Being the hygienist mom, I knew right away that we were going to lose them. She couldn't close her mouth or talk due to the 2 front teeth. Thank goodness she has a great Dentist (Dr Griffith on Fry and Westhiemer Parkway, strongly recommend to all) who met us up at the office to take a look at her. Even for being a Sunday afternoon, they were there within 45 minutes of me calling them, very impressed. They worked their magic tricks on Sam and she enjoyed her trip to the dentist, even if it meant getting the front 2 teeth pulled. Sorry for the up close pictures, but that is kind of what I like!! It's a good thing that she is a little ahead of schedule when it comes to teeth. Maybe she will have her 2 front teeth for Christmas!!!
Sam after the dentist. All smiles and feeling much better. I offered her $5.00 for her teeth compared to the $2.00 that the tooth fairy would leave for her, but she opted for the tooth fairy. Her first lost tooth, she was pretty excited. 2 for the price of 1. Unfortunately the tooth fairy couldn't find her teeth that she said she put under her pillow, but still left money. I have a feeling that in the morning, she is going to hit me up for the other $5.00 to buy her teeth from her. I guess she deserves it plus more for being such a brave girl. I don't know many kids who enjoy going to the dentist for cleanings, let alone extractions! She now has a real reason to eat ice cream for breakfast. She better enjoy it now, because it will not last long.

Dinner with Chris's New Diet

Chris had to start an Iodine Free diet for the next 2 weeks for his testing with MD Anderson. Try cooking/eating anything without salt. That means no canned anything, no store bought bread, no frozen meals etc. This is actually making me think about cooking and menus. It Sucks!! He can have veggies/fruits and other things that take much preparation. So for dinner we had hamburgers (without the bun, his favorite seasoning and no KETCHUP). They actually turned out great with a lot of onion,garlic and iodine free salt!! One of Chris and Morgan's favorites is artichokes. Lucky for them, artichokes were on sale this week. They were the hugest ones I've ever seen. Sam and Alex decided that they would try them and realized they really liked them too. It helps having butter to dip them in. Morgan was teaching Sam how to eat them, what a great big sister. Alex decided to share with me. They all really enjoyed their artichokes and were wanting more. Maybe we will have to go back and get more for tomorrow. It does keep them quite busy and quiet at the dinner table.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Morgans choir concert

It was so much easier when only 1 kid was involved in things. That way we could make sure we attended everything with the whole family. I now have a slight view as the chaos and struggle several of you deal with when kids are in all directions and you wish you had several of you to go around. Sam had her pre-school graduation the same time as Morgan's final choir concert. Who do you choose? Lucky for us, we had already seen one before and they were going to do a performance for the school during the day!!! That means that we can catch both kid's activities. We were able to go to the earlier performance and watch Morgan sing and then attend Sam's program later (without Morgan. she insisted on attending her choir concert due to a song about friendship and that would mean her partner would be alone. What a great friend. We did miss her at Sam's program). Here is a little clip of one of the songs. They did a great job with all their songs. She has really enjoyed choir, except for the early morning choir practice. Thank goodness they didn't kick them out after their 3rd tardy, or she wouldn't have made it past the 2nd week. (like mother like daughter). We are very proud of her and her ability to learn new things and enjoy life.

Sam Pre-School Graduation

Sam was so excited for her graduation from Pre-School. She has come so far and has thoroughly enjoyed learning. I had Chris run to the store to get her some flowers (Yes, he can walk without crutches now. I might have a little more patience for him now that he can help a little. I was getting very short on patience and very frustrated without his help, I am sure there are several out there who understand). Anyways, Sam LOVED her flowers. It amazed Chris that such a little thing went so far with her. I guess she is like the rest of us girls, something so small goes a long way. She still comments on how much she loves her flowers and how they are so pretty. What a great, innocent kid.
Sam and Miss Tina, Sam's teacher. We have loved Miss Tina and she has taught Sam so much. We are hoping that Alex gets her next year too (knowing Alex, Miss Tina might request that she is in the other class!)
Here are all the graduates from both pre-k classes. What a great bunch.
Sam was so proud to go up and get her 'diploma' from Miss Tina. They had asked all the kids previously what they wanted to be when they grow up. Sam's answer was a teacher. She will make a great teacher one day.
Alex wanted to get a picture with her big sister and Sam kindly obliged. Alex really does adore her sisters. They wouldn't know as much as Alex torments them.

Sam was very excited to share with us her little song that she learned. She thought she was something wonderful in her cap and gown. The cutest graduate I've seen in a long time.