Friday, December 26, 2008

Michael Luke's photo shoot

After taking so many photos of babies, it was fun taking photos of our precious baby boy. This was a long awaited photo shoot for both Chris and I. The girls also enjoyed taking photos with their new little brother, who the thoroughly enjoy.

Our 4 great kids. We love them so much and their precious spirits. They are all so different and so fun. It is really fun to watch your own kids get a long and enjoy spending time together. They all love Michael Luke and are very excited to have a little brother. I don't know any other little boy that has better sisters.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning waiting for dad to get ready. They could hardly stand it and kept yelling at Chris to hurry. Alex, Morgan(her new American girl doll, Mia, that she just got the was suppose to be for her birthday,) and Sam.
This is a very rare sight at the Boyer house. They both had just opened their gifts from each other and were giving each other hugs thank you. Definitely a rare moment to capture.

Michael Luke by his stocking. Merry Christmas little one. We could have put him in the stocking.

Another picture of the girls waiting with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Courtney and Katy. Very Patient girls.

Christmas Morning in Idaho. There is a blizzard going on behind them. Something they don't see very often. They are loving the snow and lucky for us their snow suits/boots from last year still fit. They have already talked grandpa in to taking them on the 4 wheeler and sleigh riding. They are waiting for grandma to get dressed to go with them. She told them when it stopped snowing she would go with them.

Christmas road Trip

The girls were suppose to go to Idaho this summer for the month of July to spend with Grandma and Grandpa Moser which I was looking forward to. Due to me quiting my job, my mom injuring her knee and several other things, the kids were not able to go on their trip. The baby was due just before Christmas so I was going to be on maternity, Chris would have 3 weeks paternity leave and Morgan was going to have a few week off of school so we decided to take a road trip at Christmas to visit family, so here we are. We took off Saturday morning, December 20. After 2 days traveling (stopping in Oklahoma for one night) we arrived in SLC at Chris's Aunt Anne's house at midnight. We were fortunate to spend 2 nights and the day with Anne and the girls, Sarah, Dianne, and Grandma Gert. We were able to go to dinner with the rest of the family including Callie and Andrew. My girls loved meeting and getting to know their dad's cousins better. Sam is planning on "the girls" to come to her birthday party. She doesn't get reality that they live far away and will not be able to attend, but she adores them and wants to invite them. After dinner we were able to take the girls to Temple Square to see the lights. They have added so many lights and nativities this year is was incredible. It was quite cold, especially for us Texans, so we were not able to spend a lot of time viewing all the sites, but the girls thought it was awesome. Here are some family pictures with Michael all bundled up, and the girls with Dianne, their new best friend.
Grandma Gert meeting Michael Luke for the first time.
Alex, Sam and Morgan in their beautiful coats from Grandma Boyer and Alex in her cute hat from the Tempest. They were playing in Anne's back yard. They couldn't wait to get out and play in the snow. We had packed all their warms shoes on top of the car and only had their crocks in the car which are not exactly great snow shoes. We had to go to payless and get some shoes that allowed them to play a little in the snow. They loved the snow and would have stayed out all day if we let them.

Our family on temple square with the lights. It was beautiful. Great memories here.

Morgan, Sam, Dianne and Alex. Dianne was such a great sport with these girls. Thanks Di. We love you.

Sam's Christmas Concert

Sam is going to pre-school 2 days a week and has been working on 3 christmas songs for a month now and has been singing them everyday, all day. She sang Up on the roof top, Away in a Manger and We wish you a merry Christmas. It's too bad I don't know how to upload video yet so you could see how great she did. She was so proud and sang every word. We were very lucky to have Grandma Boyer visiting to attend both Sam's and Morgan's Christmas concert. Here a a few pictures of that day of Sam and Alex in the manger, and Sam and her teacher whom she adores.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Morgan's Choir Concert

Morgan had her 1st Choir concert at school. She was very excited and has enjoyed singing in the school Choir, "The Stallion Singers". Last week they were able to perform at a retirement home and at Katy Mills Mall which she really enjoyed. You really can't see her in this photo. She is the shortest one on the front row with her head turned. I wonder where she does or doesn't get her height from. Poor kid. I told her that she would enjoy being petite one day, just not right now.

Christmas Decorations at our House

Those of you that know me, know that I love Christmas, especially the decoration and normally go overboard. This year is a little different. With a new baby, going out of town, and just being busy with school and preparations for Christmas and traveling, we have not even got out 1 Christmas box of decorations. Feeling guilty because the kids are dying for Christmas decorations, we got some candy canes and Grandma Boyer helped them make reindeer to decorate our lonely tree. The girls had a fabulous time doing crafts with grandma and loved decorating the tree. The comment every time they pass the tree about how beautiful their reindeer are. Sorry kids for being a lame mom this year as far as decorations go. That's just that much less I have to worry about taking down when we return from our Christmas vacation, which I am okay with that part.
The girls and their 3 boxes of beautiful reindeer. They were very proud of their creations.

Precious Michael Luke. Chris is telling us we can't call him Michael Luke, that we have to decide on Michael or Mike. The girls are having a hard time with this as they have only known him as Michael Luke. We'll see how long it take us to narrow down his name.

Kids, parties and concerts

Chris keeps on me to post something new, but we have seemed to misplaced our camera which makes it difficult to take photos to share. This week has been great. My mom and dad came down and spent a week with us. The girls and Michael really enjoyed them being here. Sam especially, as she made mom and dad play close to a hundred games of Monopoly Junior (which she calls Monochio). She apologized to my mom for making her play so many games, and my mom said "that's okay Sam, I love to play games with you". Sam was very excited and quickly said, "then can we play another game right now". My parents left Saturday morning and Chris's mom came Saturday night. The girls are having a great time with their Grandma Boyer. She came just in time for the Christmas parties and concerts. Thanks to grandma, who always has her camera, we have some photos to share.

Sam had her Christmas party as school and Alex was able to attend with us and was invited to have a cookie too. She thought she was in heaven being able to be like her big sister.

Sam with her cookie. She does not like frosting, but had her cookie and sprinkles.

Michael in his great little outfit from Aunt Barbie. Isn't he a cute little man. We are kind of prejudice. We are thoroughly enjoying our little boy. The girls are loving him too and are great with him. He has been a great baby. Not sleeping to well at night, but getting better. It is fun as he is becoming more alert during the day. He is such a content baby. We couldn't have asked for a better one.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Meeting his new best friends

The girls were very anxious to come meet their new baby brother "Michael Luke". It will be interesting to see what he gets called. As of right now, he is known by Michale Luke due to the girls. Chris went home and brought them all back to meet their new brother that they all of been anticipating meeting for sooooo long. They rushed to my bedside to see him and then just malled him. I already feel sorry for him when he gets home and they get to see him all day, not for just a few hours. Alex holding him for the first time. The girls were great about sharing him and taking turns. We have to watch Alex with her short attention span. She will hold him and then just say "I'm done" and let go. Boy is her life going to be turned upside down when Michael goes home.

Morgan holding her new baby brother. She is very excited to have a new baby in the house. One that doesn't get into her "stuff" right now.

Sam and Michael Luke. Sam is at the same age Morgan was when we had Sam. I thought it was fun to see the same gap between Sam and Michael. She already adores her baby brother and is going to be sooo much help.

Chris with a perma grin. You can't wipe this smile off his face right now. It is his birthday today and he couldn't be happier about his early birthday present, His Little Boy. He didn't want to leave the hospital last night and leavy his baby boy. He is a little anxious to get up here today to spend the day with him already. I'm sure he is imagining his little scouter already and planning his ealge project and all the campouts in their future.

This is when the girls met him for the first time.

Our happy family of 6. Holy cow that is a lot of kids. Morgan said last night, "mom, can you believe you have 4 kids?". I can't, but we love them all and wouldn't trade them for the world.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Michael Luke Boyer joins his family out in the open

The long awaited arrival of a Baby Boy Boyer is here. Michael Luke joined us at 11:37 this morning at 8lbs and 20 inches. He is a chunky baby with fat little fingers (unlike his sisters), a head full of brown hair and already sucking his hands. Everything went great as far as the delivery. We arrived at the hospital shortly after 6:00, pit started right after 7:00, broke water at 8:30, epidural at 9:15 and baby born at 11:37. Could't have asked for smoother delivery. Chris is elated to finally have his baby boy.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Lions, Tigers and Bears

Sam decided the other day that she was going to pretent to be a lion. She disappered for a few seconds and then came out with this lion mane. I couldn't stop saying gross and laughing at the same time. She didn't care at all that this is really a toilet seat, and who knows what is on it, she just thought it made her a beautiful lion. Alex saw sam and had to run upstairs to fetch the other one so she could match her big sister. (For those of you that have 2 little ones, you know you have to have 2 of the same things to avoid major and frequent arguments, at least in our house)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Alex and Sam's daily attire

We must thank Aunt Barbie for this Dress. She sent it this summer for Alex's birthday, and Sam adopted it and now wears it almost everyday. Sam goes through phases where she finds here favorite outfit and will wear it for months at a time and it's all we can do to get it at night and wash it in between bedtime and morning. She absolutely loved this dress because it is pink and purple, her favorite colors. Alex has a fascination with bathing suites. For those of you that see her frequently you have already noticed this. It doesn't matter the weather, she will get up in the morning and put on a bathing suit (normally we go through 2-3 a day). I tried to get her to wear real clothes, but decided that was a never ending battle that I choose not to fight. We finally came to terms that when we go out in public (shopping etc.) she will let me slip a dress over it so we don't get to many stares.
When I came home from work today, mind you the weather is around 60 degrees, a little chilly for Houston, this is how I found Alex. She had her sweater on and wanted her boots on so that we could go out. It didn't take her long to realize that she might need something else to keep her warm, so she added a white skirt to her ensemble.
Alex definitely has a mind of her own, and we love it. (most of the time) She loves to have photos taken of her and loves to pose for them. What a cutie.

Morgan's 4th grade concert

Last Thursday, November 13th Morgan had her 4th grade concert. She was very excited and has really enjoyed singing. She joined the choir this year and now we catch her singing all the time, which we really enjoy. Their concert was a patriotic show of an assortment of songs. Morgan learned the Star Spangled Banner and many other songs. Her best friend Lexi Torbit was also in the concert with her. Morgan and Lexi after their program.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Alex's Fascination

It wouldn't be a strange thing at our house to open the fridge and find a small Ziploc bag in the door with some obscure thing like toys, glasses, rocks etc. in it. Alex has a HUGE fascination with ZIPLOC bags. She is always putting her little treasures or things she wants to keep or what ever she has in her hands at the moment in Ziploc bags. She will then often put them in the refrigerator. Today, Sunday she only filled 2 Ziploc bags, so I decided to take a photo to remember this phase by. Alex with tissue in a Ziploc bag

Alex with a hair band and a toy container in her bag.

As you can tell, we go through Ziploc bags rather quickly at our house. Thank goodness my brother keeps us in stock from his job.

Breakfast at the Boyer's

Sunday morning this is what I saw. The girls had all gotten up and I was getting ready for church. I went out to ask the girls what they wanted for breakfast and this is what I saw.

Morgan, Sam and Katy

Pop tarts is one of their favorite things to eat. Pop tarts are okay I guess, not that healthy, but at least they are eating something.

I then see Alex with this...

Alex and her favorite 'CHOCOLATE'.

She will eat anything that has chocolate in it, on it or anywhere around it. She is a true chocaholic. Great breakfast Alex.

Friday Night Football Game

So Friday night we took the girls to a local high school football game to do something a little different. Morgan was going to go with Torbits, which meant Chris and I had to entertain Sam and Alex which can sometimes be challenging. The football game sounded a little more exciting than watching sponge bob and dora all night so we invited ourselves along to the game.
Ken Torbit and Alex.
As soon as we got to the stadium, we were asking Alex to hold our hands while we maneuvered our way through the parking lot. She can be a little (who are we kidding), Very stubborn and refused to hold mine or Chris's hands. She insisted on holding Ken's hand and hung out with Ken for a majority of the time at the game (they actually share the same birthday, just a few years apart). She adores the Torbit family.

Sam and Lexi Torbit with beautiful white and green hair.
Holly Jiron brought the pom pom's and was very kind to share them with the girls who thoroughly enjoyed waving them, and using them for hair.
(Chris better watch our or he is going to have some cheerleaders for daughters)
Morgan, Sam and Alex
Within a few minutes of pulling out of the parking lot this was the view in the back seat. Maybe we should do this more often. We all had a great night (at the game and great night sleep)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Baby Michael Luke

Here are a few photos of our 4D ultrasound. We thought it would be fun to take the kids to see him so that they could get a better idea of what is really in moms tummy. Morgan and Sam really enjoyed seeing him and can't wait to meet him. Alex just wants to shake him and wake him up. They are all very excited to be getting a baby brother. Every time I go to the Dr. they ask if they are going to take the baby out. I don't think they have a clue how their lives are going to change with this new addition.

Here is our new baby to arrive on December 4th. Chris chose the name of Michael Luke Boyer. (he would add a 2nd middle name of 'skywalker' if we would let him)
The kids really enjoyed seeing his hands and feet. It is amazing how squished they are, yet find a way to move around so much and push and shove their way around. He kept grabbing his feet and just hanging on to his toes. It was fun seeing him wiggle his toes.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Chris vs. the tractor

Chris was invited back to BYU for recruiting 3 weeks ago. Since my sister just had a new baby I asked him if he would please go visit them and take pictures of baby Winnie. He kindly agreed, which he just might regret. While he was there, my dad needed help putting in a new fence behind their house. My mother was going to help him, but since Chris was there, he got talked into helping dad. As Chris was holding the fence post while dad was using the tractor to push it into the sand, the front end loader fell off the tractor and chris jumped out of the way, but not fast enough. The bucket landed on his right foot causing some major pain. After big time shock and a trip to the emergency room, nothing was broken, just very swollen. 3 weeks later, he is still limping, but finally moving around again. It is not a fun house with his foot being swollen and not being able to do much and me being 8 months pregnant.