Monday, July 27, 2009

On the Farm

The girls are having a great time at the farm. I miss the days and just being outside and having it so peaceful (despite the 6 kids running around). The kids are loving being outside and not having to worry about the cars, heat, humidity, ants etc. They are loving playing in grandmas new waterfall and stream, playing in the sand, stacking grandmas many rocks, riding the 4wheelers (grandpa built a little train to pull behind which comes in handy with so many little ones), riding the horses and just running and playing on real soft grass. What a treat to come visit and take a break from our everyday life.
Alex has these great yellow rain boots that she wears everywhere, yes, even to church. They have come in real handy here at the farm (especially in the horse shed to escape the horse and cow poop).

Alex without her boots waiting and watching Morgan ride the pony named Rufeo.
Grandma showing Morgan how to control Rufeo. Notice the gorgeous sunset. A little different than past sunsets, but still beautiful.
Michael on Rufeo for the first time. I'm sure he is going to love the farm, just like his sisters.
Morgan loving Rufeo. Just her size.
Michael riding in the little train that grandpa built to go behind the 4wheeler. You can tell he is having a great time.
We could only fit 3 in the seat. We keep asking grandpa to build more, maybe next trip. Even on the farm the girls look for any reason to get into bathing suits. They were playing on the slip and slide at Aunt Courtney's next door. What a difference the slip and slide is when you actually have a little hill to put in on verses our flat flat ground.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

4 hour layover and nothing to do

So it has been a month since our last post and much has happened. We are sitting in the Phoenix airport with just Michael who is finally content laying on the ground now that he is mobile. We have our computers and Internet, so we decided there was no better time than now to finally update the blog (we needed something to occupy the next 4 hours). As if Hawaii wasn't a great enough vacation for the summer, we decided to take a road trip to Idaho and Utah to see family (that is a 27 hour drive each way with 4 kids, can you say CRAZY!!). We left Thursday morning at 4:00 a.m. and arrived in Park City Utah Friday morning at 4:30 a.m. The kids did great, especially while sleeping!!! Thank heavens for DVD players in cars and Nintendo DS's. Chris's parents have a time share in Park City right on the mountain which was beautiful. The whole family (except Ben who was in Ecuador with his sister) was up for the wedding which was beautiful. The girls had a great time playing with all the cousins. Chris's cousin Sara married a great guy named Scott Kimball. What a beautiful wedding and couple. Ann did an incredible job and we were so happy we could attend. The girls loved looking at Sara. She looked just like a princess!!

While in Park City we were right by the Alpine slides which the girls loved. They wanted to go faster!! Morgan and Alex also wanted to go on the bungee cord/trampoline. Here are a few pictures of the girls (and Michael) with there cousins and playing around in Park City.

Here is Carter (Barbie and Ben's boy who is 2 months older than Michael) and Michael. We were amazed how much they look alike (especially when in the double stroller together). It will be great for Michael to have a Boy cousin his age to play with.

Stefan and Sam on the Alpine Slide

Morgan doing flips and enjoying jumping high!!!!

Alex having fun not being strapped down.

This morning (Sunday, July 19th) my dad met us at the airport and picked up the girls. They can't wait to get to grandma and grandpa's house to get away from there parents (that' us). they look forward to this time every year. They didn't even look back when we left. I tried to talk mom into taking Michael too, but no such luck. Maybe next year!! (hint hint). So Chris, I and Michael boarded the plane for home. Michael and I will fly back to Utah Friday, July 24th (just in time for the great Utah celebration that we miss out on if you don't live there. I am excited for the kids to experience pioneer day in Idaho). We will then spend some time in Idaho and at a family reunion in Utah at Fish Lake. I am excited to attend the 'Famous Preston Night Rodeo' for those of you that know what that is. I am looking forward to the rodeo, parade, carnival, family, food and friends. After this needed vacation time, we will head home in the car. Ya'll better pray for us that we return home all alive (that could be questionable after that long in the car with no great incentive at the end).
Stay tuned for more photos and updates of our family vacation.