Monday, June 28, 2010

Call me CRAZY

Introducing GRACIE LOU (another!!! My friend, Kim Hicks, had 7 cute, adorable Beagle puppies that she needed to find homes for. She kept bugging me to take one until I finally gave in. I told her that she was just going to have to drop her off when Chris wasn't here so that he just came home to a new dog and couldn't say anything. I started feeling guilty and told him..... a few minutes before she arrived!!! I didn't tell the little girls, so it would be a surprise, and boy was it. Kim showed up with 2 little girls for us to choose from, and Gracie Lou was a perfect fit for the Boyer house. We thought we could test drive her to make sure it worked out with the kids and Katy, and that test drive has turned into a permanent home. Of all people, Chris has fallen in love with her. We have decided that she is Chris and Alex's dog (as Katy is Morgan's dog). Alex loves her as you can see below in the picture. Gracie Lou loves Michael's face due to the many leftovers on his cheeks. Michael just giggles and begs for more. Currently she can fit through the dog door, but who knows for how much longer. She is about 3-4 months old, and is continuing to grow. It is quite funny watching her go through it and get high centered. Katy is slowly warming up to her and starting to play with her. I hope they become best friends and that Gracie Lou will help with Katy's separation anxiety. Only time will tell. As for now I am going crazy with Michael and Gracie running around, but loving it.

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Stephanie said...

Yes girl, you are crazy!!
Kim knew exactly who to pressure for that one! lol
She is so cute though!!
That last picture is priceless!!!