Monday, January 19, 2009

Thank Heaven for Little Boys

It is hard to believe that Michael Luke is already 6 weeks old. He is growing so fast and starting to smile and recognize people!! At his 6 week checkup (we kind of skipped the 4 week because we were in California, so we got him in as soon as we got back) and he already weighed 10lb 3 oz. and is 23 inches long. That is a total of 2 lbs and 3 inches since he was born. He is being kind to his mom and already sleeping from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. which I am loving!!! I hope that it does not change now the I have said it. Everyone better knock on wood for me. I headed back to work last week working about 2-3 days a week which has been going good. I sure miss this little boy, but I am a lot nicer to my kids when I get out a little. These are a few photos of our little man. 5 1/2 weeks
6 1/2 weeks. Love the outfit (so they do have some cute boy clothes. I was going through withdrawal of not having bows, dressed etc. but we are sure enjoying the blue/brown/airplanes/dogs etc for boys). He has dark blue eyes, just like Alex and a great head of hair.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

the Nut Tree for the little kids

While visiting California we went to a great place called the Nut Tree. It was an amusement park for little kids which was great. All rides that they could ride. We went with Loralee, Barbie and their families and Grandpa Boyer and our little family. It was quite cold and humid, but the kids didn't care much because they were able to go on roller coasters, bumper cars, trains and more. Mazzy, Gavin and Hailey in the back of the rescue vehicle.
Alex and Sam riding their bike. You can tell that Alex was freezing, but not wanting to quit.

Alex and Chris, her best buddy, on the airplanes. It looks like Chris was having a better time than Alex. He was just a great sport to go on all the kid rides with them. What a great dad.

Chris and Sam in a head on collision with Morgain in the bumper cars.

Morgan is just like her mom. Can't go anywhere without the phone to talk to friends. She has made sure she stays in contact with her BFF Lexi Torbit. Lexi just happened to call while we were waiting to go on the bumper cars.
Grandpa Boyer and Alex on the roller coaster. This was on the way up. Her face was not quite as chipper on the way down and around the corners. She did love it and thought she was a big girl because she could go on the roller coaster just like her bigger sisters. Thanks grandpa for hanging out with us so that both girls could go on rides.

What cute little creatures. All the grand kids, but the 2 babies (Michael and Carter). This is a true picture. It sure is a circus with all the grand kids together. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex, Stefan, Sam and baby Michael on the train. Michael was probably the warmest out of all of us. I did enjoy the extra heater, that was the bonus of carrying the baby.

Gavin, Morgan and Alex on the Carousal. What kid doesn't like this.

Old Father Time

My family has a tradition of Old Father time. We put our shoes under the tree (or by the fire place this year) and Old Father Time comes and brings you some candy and a little gift to celebrate last year and the new year. This year we spent New Years in California with Chris's family who do not have this tradition. We decided that we would still continue the tradition with our kids this year. I kind of forgot all about it until mid afternoon Morgan saw a small 1 foot stuffed Christmas tree and asked Grandma if that was the only tree that she had and then continued, "So I guess we have to put our shoes under this tree". All of a sudden I realized what was suppose to happen that night and had to make a quick trip to target. Things were all ready for my family when we got home and then Morgan ran to get Grandma and Grandpa's shoe's to which I wasn't prepared. Thankfully grandma and grandpa had things around the house that we could grab and they were instructed to act surprised and play along. Thanks to everyone involved, Old Father time was a success this year, even away from home.
Ron, Margo and all our families shoes in front of the fireplace after Old Father Time had visited. The girls all got matching Sweat shirts which are coming in handy in this chilly weather. I got new Pajamas since I only packed one pair and Dad got new sunglasses since his just broke and they are truly a necessity traveling.

Happy Birthday Grandma Gert

The Boyer clan family photo taken on Grandma Gert's birthday. We are thinking of you and wishing you a great birthday. We love you tons.
(Left to Right by family) Barbie, Hailey, Ben and Carter Hall, Stefan, Michael, Chris, Alex, Morgan and Sam Boyer, Ron and Margo Boyer, Loralee, Troy, Mazzy, Gavin and Colby MacDonald.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Let it Snow

All the girls wanted to do was build a snow man. Thanks to Aunt Courtney who helped them, here is their snow man. They were able to make him the night before we left Idaho. Thanks to Uncle Matt and Aunt Courtney for the snow man kit which helped them make a great looking snowman. Now the song "Once there was a snow man" has a lot more meaning for the girls. They are now waiting for a picture of their snow man shrinking to go along with the song "in the sun he melted, small, small, small." Morgan wanted a photo of her and their snowman so she took this one by herself of the two of them. I thought it was quite cute and a great photo.

Morgan, Alex, Sam and cousin Jessica with their snowman.

Stefan's mom and dad's new house surrounded by snow.

This was one of my favorite photos of the snow that Chris took. This was from my mom and dad's back porch. Wouldn't it be great to have this view out your back window. It sure it pretty all covered in snow.

Chris and Sam on the 4 wheeler. Once of the girls favorite thing to do is either ride the 4 wheeler or have grandpa or grandma pull them behind in the sleigh. Grandpa has sure got soft in his old days. Now he actually puts a pad the sleigh so it is softer and warmer. It's amazing what they will do for the grandkids that they didn't do for their own kids.

All the kids in the nice padded sleigh, from front to back, Sam, Alex, Cousin Colton, Cousin Jessica, and Morgan. Notice the nice thick padding under. Grandma was nice and took them slow. Grandpa went a little faster which was probably funner until they got dumped. Oh well. They enjoyed every minute in the snow.