Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Time flies when your having fun!!!

I love reading our friends and families blogs and catching up on the wonderful/fun/crazy things going on in there lives and finally realized that it has been a few months since we last posted. I hope we can catch up on a few things, so sit back and relax a little.

In August school started and our life got really crazy. I keep telling myself that I need to learn to say "NO", but I am still saying "Sure, I'll do that". So I said "Sure, I'll be PTA President". The girls love me being up at the school and being involved, but life is a little (or A LOT) crazy.

Sam started Kindergarten and is loving it. She has Mrs. Wilkins who is an incredible teacher. Sam is loving to learn about numbers, letters, words etc. She is learning her sight words great and enjoying school. She is definitely not my daughter when it comes to being on time. She absolutely HATES being late. It drives her absolutely crazy that Morgan gets up late and doesn't care much about being on time (Morgan is absolutely my child!!). Sam must take after her father in this case. Sorry no photo of her first day (they are on Chris's camera since I broke mine in Idaho and haven't gotten a new one, Sad day). Sam has been riding her bike with training wheels now for years and we finally decided to try it on 2 wheels. At first she said no, then I told her we could go to dinner at Texas Roadhouse if she tried and her answer quickly turned to Yes. So I took off her training wheels, she got on her bike and off she went. She hasn't stopped yet. We can't get her off it, any chance she gets she is either on her bike or her roller skates. (By the way.. I got out of dinner and made Chris take her to dinner of her choice, which was Taco Bell. She knows that is one of Chris's favorites and she loves to please her dad)

Morgan is in 5th grade and loving it. She is involved in Art club, Destination Imagination ( an after school club where they learn to work as a team, problem solving, using creative thinking etc and they have their first competition February 20th) She is very excited to also be working in the student run bookstore on Thursday afternoons. She came home and told me that Sam needs to bring money so she can come visit her. Morgan is doing great in school and loving her 5th grade class. She finally got to be with Lexi Torbit (her best friend). They are having a great time and have about 5 other girls that have grown up together in school all in the same class. What a fun last year in elementary they are having.

Alex started Pre-K at tiny treasures preschool (same school Sam went to last year). It is finally her turn to have friends and enjoy something outside the house other than church and big sister events. She wakes up every morning and asks if she is going to school today and gets ready with the big girls and is out the door almost earlier then them. We have seen such a different side of Alex with Michael. She absolutely adores him and wants to make him happy all day. She torments everyone around except him. She will dance, sing, jump up and down, make noises etc. what ever it takes to entertain him and make him smile or laugh. She is so proud of him and tells everyone about her baby brother. It's a good thing she is nice to him, because little does she realize that soon tables will be turned and he could easily take her down, but maybe he will adore her the same and be kind. She can only hope.

A few week ago at church the girls would not sit still, listen or anything. They wanted Michael's blankets to keep warm, all his snacks, you would have thought they were dehydrated by the amount of times they asked to go out for drinks etc..... So..... I told Chris that I was going to have them practice when we got home and he just laughed (now I am sounding like my mom). I told the kids on the way home that if they couldn't behave at church then they will need to practice. They didn't really think I was serious. Little did they realize. When we got home I put folding chairs in front of the TV and turned on the BYU channel (thank heavens for satellite) and made them sit for 30 minutes. Chris thought that was a little long, but I am stubborn and was going to prove a point. About 15 minutes into it, it was very quiet. I went into the living room and this is what I found.....
Morgan was actually listening to the talk and Sam and Alex were asleep. I had to laugh and just hoped I had proved my point. The next Sunday was great. On our way to church, all I had to do was remind them that if they didn't sit during church then we would have to practice 2x that week. They sat like almost perfect children. If they tried anything, all I would have to do was say "do you want to practice" and they quickly returned to almost perfect!!! We haven't had to practice again yet.

Now to our dear precious, adorable, wonderful, awesome, gorgeous, happy, son Michael (the list could go on and on). I would be rich if I had a dollar for how many times I said how 'stinkin cute' he is. We are loving this little boy. He is soooo busy, yet soooo content. He has the cutest smile ever and loves to show off his 8 teeth!!! With the help of Alex, he learned to climb to the top of the stairs within a matter of days. Fortunately for us it took him about 2 days to master coming down safely also. What a bright child!!! Grandma Boyer sent the kids these adorable Halloween PJ's with glow in the dark skeletons. Michael was the model this night. I do think he is cutest skeleton ever. (I might be a little prejudice, or a lot.)
Michael has discovered the dog door. He has only tried to go out once and got hi-centered, but has figured out how to make things disappear. He loves to sit by the back door with his box of toys and nicely place them through the dog door and poof!! they are gone. I have to do evening checks outside the door for missing items. Tonight Chris was looking everywhere for the DVD remote and couldn't find it anywhere. All of a sudden Sam says 'I know where it is' and went to the back door and sure enough, Michael was playing his magic tricks again.
Outside the door.
Michael assuming his position.

As far as Chris and I things are great. Chris finished his testing in July and they have decided to do more Radioactive Iodine treatment in July of next year to see if they can get rid of more cancer cells. The cancer is still showing up in blood work and rising a little, but they still can't find it anywhere on scans. It's hard to operate when you can't find what your trying to remove, so now it's a waiting game. It's not affecting anything and it's not serious, it's just "hanging out". As long as it stays that way we are great!! He just returned from Switzerland and enjoyed his visit (as much as you can while working). It was hard adjusting to the 7 hour time change, but kids help with that. It's hard to ignore them and just sleep. As far as me, I am loving my job. Dr. Frazar just purchased the laser that I have been drooling over for the past 7 years!!!!! I love being on the top with the technology. If you want to know more just ask. I love talking about it (just a warning, if you really don't want to hear a long explanation, then don't ask because I am just a little excited and will go on and on and on). School is good. We have an excellent board this year and they are all wonderful. I am very lucky to work with such great people on our PTA board. They make it a lot easier to survive and are all a joy to work with. I am learning to be organized and plan ahead (believe it!!!!). Maybe after this experience it will rub off on my life... the jury is still out on that one.

The biggest news yet... No we are not having another baby, but we are MOVING!!!!!. Not closer to home, just about a mile away (just across fry road). We are still in the same ward and elementary school (Chris was hoping to move out of the school. That way I wouldn't have to be PTA President anymore but no such luck). We have been thinking about it for years, but just didn't want to have to deal with showing the house (I don't think me or the kids would have survived months of keeping the house clean enough to show all the time, it was just not going to happen). With the rush in first time home buyers (thanks to the tax credit) we decided to bite the bullet and do it. Thank goodness we have been considering it for a few years now and have slowly been fixing the things around the house which made it easier to get ready to show. So we listed that house on Friday, October 16th. I had an all day craft day at church on the 17th so Chris had all the kids and was dealing with people looking at the house. He had to be out of the house from 10:30 - 5:00 and was an incredible dad. They went miniature golfing, to taco bell, to the fire station open house, to the movie and back to the church to help clean up after the craft day. (what a man!! That's why I love him so much). 3 people came to look at the house that day and....... We had a contract that night!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told Chris earlier that week that we were going to have a contract by Saturday and he just laughed. I was right!!!! This is one time he was willing to hear it again and again that I was Right!!!!! Heavenly Father knows me too well and blessed me in more ways than I can imagine. My sanity is saved for now (at least a few weeks until the move and unpacking begins). We are closing on our house on November 20th and have to be out of it on the 30th. That meant we had to find a house FAST. Our main house we had been looking at for 6 months didn't work out, but we found another great house just behind it which is right down the street from Torbits!!!! We couldn't ask for better neighbors. We had the inspection today and will hopefully close on that house on the 30th and be able to move in right away. We are very sad to be leaving our great house and neighbors, but look forward to having more space and an actual yard. We'll keep you posted on the move and new address.

I think this is about it for the last few months. I am impressed if you made it through this book. Hopefully I will be able to keep up more so that its not so long next time. I am planning on getting a new camera for me so that I will be able to post more photos next time.
Love lots to all and Have a great Halloween and Holiday Season!!!