Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sam and Michael

Michael, our happy little boy. He is already 2 1/2 months old. How fast they grow up. He is starting to smile and make such sweet sounds. he is such a great sleeper. We love having a baby, especially Michael.
Sam and one of her fascinations. She has several puzzles that she puts together several times a day. She would take a puzzle or game any day over watching a movie or cartoons. We just need more willing candidates to be her game buddies.

Happy 5th Birthday Sam

Sam finally turned 5!!! She has been counting down the days and had her birthday day planned out, but forgot to tell us everything. After I had her cake ordered, she informed she wanted an ice cream cake, sorry girl, maybe next year. She had her birthday party planned, with invitation list and all a month ago, but her procrastinating mother had different plans. She couldn't wait to open cards she had received from grandparents for her birthday. We let her open them first thing for her birthday which got her day off to a great start. Sam, Alex and I then went to get our nails done, one of their favorite things (Some things they do take after their mother). For dinner Sam chose to go to CiCi's Pizza, one of their fathers favorites. We then got together with some friends for Sam's favorite thing, Cake and Ice cream. She loves cake, but not the frosting. She would have a cake for every little event if we would let her. Her cake this year was one of her favorite things, Monopoly. Sam loves games and puzzles and would play all day if she had that many captive audiences to play with her. Here are a few photos of Sam, our adorable, spunky, smiley, friendly, kind, anxious to learn, loving, sweet 5 year old. Wow how time flies when your having fun. Here is Sam on her 1st birthday. They grow up so very fast.
Sam on February 20, 2004, 1 day old!!
Morgan and Sam. Best buddies.
Sam on her birthday last night with all her presents. All she asked for was a cupcake maker until yesterday morning when their clock wasn't' working. She knew that Morgan really like her alarm clock so she asked for a clock for her birthday so that Morgan could have it back. What a kind sister. She did get both, plus lots more due to such kind friends. They made their first cupcake this morning, which they thought was the best cupcake ever.
Sam and her Monopoly Cake with 5 wonderful candles.
Sam told me that she wanted to go out side and we could turn the lights off and then tell her to come in and then we could all yell "SURPRISE". It is amazing what kids come up with in their minds. So we decided to have her go upstairs and we would call her down when everyone arrived for a surprise. Some great friends stopped and got balloons to surprise her for real. After everyone got here, we turned the lights off and told her to come down and then we all yelled "surprise". She covered her ears and then just smiled and was so happy. It was great to see the sweet innocence of children.
Pictures from Cici's Pizza. They always go with their dad, but don't get to play. He decided for this special occasion that they could play today. Pacman of all games, the best.
Sam with her nails drying. She always gets one hand and foot purple, and the other hand and foot pink.
Playing with her new toy from Grandma and Grandpa Boyer. She couldn't wait to open the package and new exactly what to do. Kids are way to smart for their own good.


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Little Boy Overalls

I have always loved little boys in overalls, so I couldn't wait to get Michael in a pair. He sure is growing fast, way to fast.

Morgan loves finally having a little brother. Here they are today on his blessing day.

Boyers Restaurant

Boyer's Restaurant is now open for dinner.
Several months ago we bought some pizza dough with intentions of letting the girls make their own pizza (A staple at the Boyer's house). We finally did it tonight and the girls had a blast making their own pizza's and a even greater time eating them. It was very nice not having whining because they didn't like what I cooked, because they made it and knew they would like it. Maybe they should cook dinner every night!!! They loved throwing their pizza's in the air just like they see on TV. What great chef's they are.

Alex decided that she didn't want any sauce or cheese on her pizza. What a tasty dough and olive pizza. She did eat it along with helping the rest of us eat ours.

Michael's Blessing Day

What a blessing he has been in our lives. It is great to have a new baby and the spirit they bring with them. We love watching the girls as they adore their baby brother. Alex is loving getting to be a big sister like her big sisters. They were all very excited for Michael to be blessed today. What a special day for our family to bless Michael Luke. We love our little family!!!!